Who is Perresia Cortez?


Yep, that’s me, a self-proclaimed “diva, gypsy, dreamer.” I’m a DIY’er, writer, wanderluster, corporate American, avid Chuck Taylor collector, pseudo motivational speaker, foodie, cookie monster, hiker, feeler, explorer, former beauty queen, style maven, daughter, sister, friend, lover and any damn thing else that I put my mind to!


The Makings of Me

I grew up in a small town, called Blythewood, 20 minutes north of Columbia, SC. That’s right I’m a Southern ‘effing’ Belle! I grew up on about 30 acres of family land that was given to my great grandmother’s grandmother after her time as a slave.


I refer to my family’s living in Blythewood as “The Little House on the Prairie”. At some point in time my entire immediate has lived and some still live on our family’s property. We didn’t use phones we just stood on the porch and “hollered” if we needed each other. Told ya’ I was country — LOL!

What’s in it for You?!?

I’m a random chick! I’ve got so many random trips, cookies, DIY projects, rants and other randomness I want to share with you! I hope you will find something here that sparks your interest. You definitely don’t want to miss a thing so be sure to click on the subscribe button!

Thanks for stopping by, see y’all soon!

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