DIY Acrylic Frame

Etta James has always been a fave because she had a voice like no other and she was a curvy, take no shit badass. My type of gal!

About four years ago, I was surfin’ the net looking for cool pics of Etta. I came across a pic of what appeared to be her pouring her heart and soul into a song. The pic captured the depth of her emotion. I imagined that it came from a place of deep joy or pain — maybe both. I knew I had to have it.

Picture of Safran’s Antiques in Columbia, SC 

To my surprise a local antique store in Columbia, SC (my city at the time) called Safran’s Antiques had the original negative of the photo. So I went down to the shop, ordered a poster sized copy and put it away in hopes to do something with it later. Unfortunately, I lost the photo. I thought I would never find it again.

Recently, I found a cool, architectural loft that I love. I knew I had to find that pic again.

This is a model of my loft courtesy of

After a little research I found that the store was still open for business so I ordered another copy for $90. I vowed that I would NEVER put Etta away again!

I decided on an acrylic frame because of the simple, clean, floating look . The Etta pic is 36 x 48 and an acrylic sign frame that size costs too damn much for me and my cheap ass! So I made it myself, well with a little help from my BFF. Ok a lot of help! I cannot tell a lie.

Pic of my BFF helping with the frame

In true Gemini, ENFP, diva, gypsy dreamer fashion I neglected to photo chronicle this whole process. I can, however, tell you that the hardest part of the project was finding these little suckers in Charlotte, NC for a reasonable price:

Example of a sign standoff/frame bolt

This ladies and gentlemen, is called a sign standoff. They literally take your frame from flat and boring to floating and fabulous. They ain’t cheap either. I paid about $65 for four 1 1/2 inch standoffs.

I purchased the acrylic sheets for the frame from a nearby Ace Hardware store. They were the only place that would cut the acrylic to specific dimensions and offer a lower price than Home Depot or Lowe’s. Two sheets of acrylic cost me about $60.

We cracked the corner of the frame a little; but, I was still pleased with the results!

Hanging the frame

Here’s where I found the inspiration on how to create my frame:

DIY Acrylic Frame Inspiration

Did you make your own frame or do you share a love for Etta James as well? Leave me a comment below. As always, thanks for checking me out! See y’all soon!

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