I ❤ Chucks!

According to a quick internet search, the top five most collectible items are:

  1. Classic Cars
  2. Vintage Electronics
  3. Coins
  4. Books
  5. Baseball Cards

This list is flawed people! Converse Chuck Taylors are not on there. I imagine it’s because people don’t know of the gloriousness they possess or maybe it’s something silly like the fact that they are highly produced shoes and don’t hold much value. Go figure!

I collect Chucks and I love it! I love that there are so many varieties. I also love that I can wear them with ANYTHING! Of course I’m not the biggest collector in the world; but I enjoy my little collection. Here’s a little history lesson on Chucks.

History of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (based specifically on what I think is important)

1908: Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Co. in Malden, Mass.
1917: The Converse All Star was born.

1918: Basketball player Chuck Taylor laces up his first pair of All Stars.
1921: Taylor becomes America’s first player-endorser.
1936: The classic white Chucks were introduced just in time for the summer season.

1939: The New York Rens, an all Black professional basketball team, won the first professional basketball championship. They won 88 straight games all while playing in Chucks.

1949: The NBA is born, with just about every player in the league wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars.
1962: Converse rolls out a low-cut version of the Chuck Taylor All Star. The “oxford” becomes a hit for the casual set.
March 2, 1962: Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a pair of Chucks.


1970s: The slang term “Chucks” began.
1979: Tree Rollins was the last professional player to play in Chucks.
1993: Snoop Dogg walked us through his daily routine in his classic song ‘Lodi Dodi’ saying, “Threw on my White Sox, with my all blue Chucks.”
2003: Nike acquires Converse.
2000s: Wiz Khalifa expresses his love for the shoe by saying he’s a part of the ‘Taylor Gang’.

Source: complex.com, chucksconnection.com, wikipedia.com

The Beginning of a Love Affair

My love of Chucks started because I have big, wide feet and I was tired of looking for cute colorful shoes. Chucks were the most versatile shoe that would go with anything. And so the love affair began.

I’ve worn them to church.

I’ve worn them hiking in a dress.

I’ve posed in them in a street construction tunnel.

I’ve worn them with dresses and headwraps.

And skirts.

And shorts.

I’ve worn them to work.

I’ve even eaten them for my 35th birthday.

My fave pair are the Chucks All Star High Top in the Black on Black or Mono Black as some refer to them. I have two pair; but, my fave out of the two is the older pair — faded and holey!

Speaking of tattered Chucks, that is when they have aged to perfection. When I see someone with a worn, but clean pair of Chucks on I know that they are mere mortals to a Chucks connoisseur. A Chucks connoisseur knows that there’s nothing like a worn pair of dirty Chucks. I don’t wash my Chucks unless they are white or if I’ve stepped in shit! No, they don’t stink either — LOL!

Tips for Wearing Chucks

Many people think that Chucks are uncomfortable; but, here are some easy tips to make them comfy.

  • Buy them a half to whole size bigger to allow for wiggle room
  • Wear them with a light or medium weight sock.
  • Buy a really good insole for them. I use Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit and regular shoe inserts. They are magical.
  • When I get a new pair I put them on with socks, completely unlace them and lace them up again. This will allow the lacing to be custom to my feet.

Here’s a custom laced pair, notice how the laces don’t appear to be too loose or too tight.

Chuck Collabos

Every now and then Chucks makes love to a hip designer or celebrity and gives birth to some of the dopest collections ever. Here are some recent collaborations:

Converse x Miley Cyrus Pride

And my fave…

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse

As you can see, my love for Chucks runs deep. People are always sending me messages about a pair of Chucks they saw that I might be interested in. I love it! I think I’ll be a senior citizen still rocking my Chuck Taylors. F*** it, bury me in my Chucks so that I can be fly and fly high on ’em in Heaven — ain’t nothing like it!

Me in the fresh Polka Dotted Chucks

Are you a Chuck collector or do you love Chucks? Maybe you despise them. Or maybe you’re a part of the Converse team and you want to comp me a pair of those sold out Off White collabs — wishful thinking! At any rate, comment below and tell me all about it.

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