Unrequited Love Series | Summer Love (Episode 2)

Here’s installment two of the series. Be sure to read the first installment here.

Summer Love


You so refreshing like grandma’s sweet, summer iced tea

Southern gentleman, inspiring the emergence of the best of me

If I’m the seedling then you’re the perfect gardener

Your inspiration is the nourishment my soul needs to grow farther

And it’s growing by leaps and bounds

Your energy is the type I’ve been itching to be around

Your reflection is comparable to that of a young king

Under your reign I’m finding my queen

Titles, no it’s much deeper than that

I’d rather a true friend first and that’s a matter of fact


A year after a bad breakup I reluctantly decided to start dating again. I took a chance with this particular gentleman. Turns out that I struck gold because he was the beginning of my reawakening. He was a hardworking, socially conscious, educated man and the lovin’ wasn’t too bad either! His work ethic and mysterious personality were infectious. Whether he would admit it or not, we had a lot in common. We were both from rural areas or you can just call us country folk. We enjoyed the same music and had a lot of the same ideals in life. Even the things we didn’t see eye to eye on were strengths to each other’s weaknesses. Life was foggy and hard to navigate until I met him.

He, ladies and gentleman, would go on to inspire many of my writings during this time in my life. Over the coming weeks you will see that my writings get better and they reveal an emotionally tumultuous, yet inspiring and creative period of my life. Stay tuned!

Did past loves help you find the best part of yourself? Do you enjoy writing? Tell me all about it below in the comment section.

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