#FlyAF | Thrifted Edition

For my recent trip to Southern California, I wanted a budget-friendly wardrobe that was all-encompassing of my ‘Diva Gypsy Dreamer’ spirit. So I hit up the thrift stores of LA and Huntington Beach, CA and Charlotte, NC. Here’s what I found, click on each pic for details:

Thrifted Chicago Graphic Print Tee – $3

Floral Gitano Skirt – $4

White Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes – personal stash

Glasses – personal stash

Jewelry – personal stash

Outfit total: $7

Salt N Pepa Graphic Tee – $17

Compression 3/4 Length Leggings – personal stash

Ankara Headwrap – personal stash

Adidas – personal stash

Outfit total: $17

Thrifted Lakers Tee – $2.50

*Cut off bottom of tee to crop it*

Thrifted Maxi Skirt – $13

Black Block Heels – personal stash

Cowie Shell Gold Hoops – personal stash

Belt – personal stash

Glasses – Borrowed from my sweet little cousin and photog, Mary 😍

Outfit total: $15.50

ASOS Plus Size Men’s Shirt – $30

*Not thrifted, bought on sale*

Black Block Heels – personal stash

Outfit total: $30

Torrid Dress -$12

Leopard Print Calf Hair Slides – personal stash

Purple Sunglasses – personal stash

Head Scarf – personal stash

Outfit total: $12

Forever 21 Sunshine Tee – $5

Thrifted Stripe Midi Skirt – $4

Tassel Earrings – Made by my talented artist little cousin, Vickie 😍

Converse Chuck Taylors – personal stash

Outfit total: $9

Jean Jacket – personal stash

Old Navy Mustard V Neck Tee – personal stash

Cutoff denim shorts – personal stash

*I just cut up an old pair of jeans*

Target Slides – personal stash

Outfit total: $0

Drum roll please! In total I spent less than $100 for six outfits! Six outfits! Did you get that SIX, plus size outfits! That’s unheard of y’all!

How do you think I did? Leave me a comment below.

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As always, thank you for stopping by! See y’all soon!


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