The 25 Minute Makeover |DIY Office Chair Redo

Hello lovelies! I’ll make this short and sweet just like the time it took me to do this project.

I started working from home recently and I needed to throw together an office space in less than a week. I had almost everything that I needed; but, my challenge was to find an office chair that would go with my colorful and eclectic space. I also know that I’d rather spend more money on a vacation, a pair of shoes or even a charity donation than some ol’ office chair. So the scavenger hunt began! I didn’t have to search too hard though.

I ran across this dusty n’ dingy $10 office chair at a local thrift store:

I disassembled the chair.

Cleaned her up real good and used damn near a whole can of Lysol and Febreeze to freshen the fabric:

I used about one and a half yards of Ankara print fabric to cover the top and bottom cushion of the chair.

I laid the cushion on top of the fabric and cut around the perimeter making sure that I left enough to pull up over the sides and staple to the bottom.

I needed to be able to pull the fabric taut like this:

While stapling the fabric with a light duty stapler like this:

To ensure that the seat cushion would be smooth like this on the front side:

Once I finished stapling, I cut off the excess fabric from the back. Then I set the bottom cushion aside as I worked on the back cushion:

I knew that the back would be a challenge because of the back adjustment doohickey.

And yes doohickey is a word, it is formally defined as the following:




informal•North American

noun: doohickey; plural noun: doohickeys

1. a small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.

“a garage filled with electronic parts and other valuable doohickeys”

That’s neither here nor there though. I wrapped and tucked that bad boy fabric around the cushion like a head wrap or gift and stapled it.

Now, you can see a good bit of the staples up close; but, it’s ok. If I was making this for someone other than myself I would have solved for that little faux pas.

And voila ladies and gentlemen, the finished product:

A nice, clean, comfy and stylish office chair made in under 30 minutes. I hope I have inspired you to update something in your life. Tell me all about it below in the comments!

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