#FlyAF | Michelle Obama

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

The former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama is definitely telling us that she is royalty worthy to be praised in this head to toe Balenciaga fit she wore on her recent book tour stop in Brooklyn! She sat down to chat with the “Sex in the City” queen herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. Epic and iconic, right?

Mrs. Obama has all of the gracefulness and style of Jackie O and is just as inspiring and influential as Eleanor Roosevelt. All of that magic combined makes her one of the most powerful women of our time!

But enough of all of that, let’s get into this look. The boots are clearly the star of her outfit. They are the Glitter Knife Boot from Balenciaga’s SS18 Collection.

Get into it!

Yasssss Michelle! She floated through with those divine thigh high, glittery, glistening metallic gold boots on — in the words of The Floaters, “Float, float on” girl! Those boots are heavenly and had to be sent from above!

Now let’s get into this dress. Former POTUS is one lucky man because FLOTUS is out here looking like sunshine on a stick in this saffron silk shirt dress from the Balenciaga SS19 Collection! The original model of this dress barely served the same justice as Michelle’s curvy figure. No shade though – I’m just partial to curves, of course.

Michelle is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, wife, mother, former FLOTUS, motivational speaker, author and so much more. To top all of that off she’s FLY AF! She’s taken some fashion risks in the past; but, this “after the presidency” Michelle is serving us liberty and ‘fashion’ justice for all!

She’s intelligent, beautiful and stylish – now that’s what we call balance! As a faithful member of the Weird Black Girl to Weird Black Woman committee, Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, YOU ARE OUR LEADER! Yasssssss!

Did you like Mrs. Obama’s fit? Tell me about it below. As always, thanks for reading. See y’all soon!

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