Art Gallery At Home | DIY Gallery Wall

You don’t have to be a millionaire or interior design expert to create a beautiful gallery wall. All you need is some design inspiration and dope art. Check out the details on how I created my own little art gallery.

Pick A Wall


I chose a large, blank white wall because my style and mood is constantly changing. I wanted to have the option to add and remove art as desired. Other great places for a gallery wall include, over the bed or sofa, up a stairway or over an entry table or credenza.

Decide On The Type Of Gallery

Decide if you want a gallery of photos of family and/or loved ones, wall sculptures, art or a combination of all. Should every frame match or would you like different frames and sizes for a bohemian look? It’s all about your style and tastes.

Credit: Kashmir.VIII

I decided to do a clean, bright and bold look. I kept it clean by using the same type of square black frames for the art.

I picked up the Pop Art prints shown above from an artist named Kashmir.VIII

I purchased these black and white prints from an artist at a local flea market. They were the perfect neutral to balance out all of the bright colors.

  • Finally, I needed some texture on the wall to finish things off. This colorful Papier-mache mask was a steal for only $5 at a local antique store.

    Then I added this cool ceramic plate I painted at a pottery painting studio in Charlotte, NC called Dish It Out.

    Create A Layout

    Credit: Pinterest

    I found the the template pictured above on Pinterest.

    This is a pic of how I laid out the art before hanging it. I didn’t use a template. Instead, I ended up freestyling the layout based on what would work best for my wall. I used the print set as a base and just filled in the rest.

    Gather Supplies

    The following tools came in handy for me:

    • Standard level
    • Stud finder
    • Picture hanging kit
    • Command picture hanging strips
    • Metal wall plate easel
    • Photo frames with mats


    • Gorilla hooks, pictured above, came in so handy when I couldn’t find a stud in the wall where I needed it.
    • Add Accessories

    I wanted my guests and I to feel like we were really in an art gallery so I added a bench. I found this textured bench at TJMaxx and the throw pillows came from Target and Ikea. Everything still has a clean look, but, the accessories add a little flare.

    Enjoy and Change As Needed

    Don’t worry about being perfect. There’s always room to change things up by adding more. I plan to cover this whole wall; but, what I have for now is a great start.

    This art gallery look cost around $300 for everything; but, it can be created with much less or more depending on your budget.

    So what so you think? Are you inspired to create your own look or do you already have a gallery wall? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

    As always, thanks for reading. See y’all soon!

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